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Art created by prodigious hands who have the knowledge of weaving, embroidering, and ensuring that each design is full of exclusivity.

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Everything is 100% handmade with Only the Best Materials

You will appreciate different accessories from a bag made from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia, and creations from Iraca Palm, and completely handmade necklaces, earrings with colorful Chaquiras Mostacilla bead stones an art created by an indigenous community called Embera.

About Us

Our company is born from a dream from long time ago. I always knew that I wanted to undertake and create my own business. But I did not make the decision until one day I convinced myself that I can make it happen.

My Creator has given me gifts and talents and made me go back to my original roots and make me remember how many special people have an innate talent to create many beauties.

This is how I want to highlight all manual art made with love, patience and a lot of dedication from all our artisans. Keeping their traditions alive in each piece they have created

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We deliver our products from Miami, Florida to all the United States.

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